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Truth about Circumcisions!!

October 20, 2011
Please don't let them disfigure me Mommy! Aren't i beautiful the way I am!

Please don’t let them disfigure me Mommy! Aren’t i beautiful the way I am!

Please say NO 2 Circumcisions!!

Time is Rumming Out…. This links carries u to the letter Below..Please go sign it and lets stop this brutal assault against our boys!! Thank You!
Circumcision is wrong – ethically, morally, & medically

American parents trust their pediatricians and rely on them for the best advice in caring for their children. As a matter of ethics, that advice cannot include neonatal male circumcision – a medically unnecessary, potentially risky surgery that no major medical authority in the world recommends.

That is why I am asking the committee charged with reviewing the American Academy of Pediatrics’ current neutral position on infant circumcision NOT to revise that position in favor of the surgery. Further, I ask you to take an ethical stand against the removal of a healthy, functioning body part – the prepuce, or foreskin – from non-consenting newborn babies.

The United States is the only Western nation today where doctors routinely circumcise infant boys in medical settings. Although the rate has fallen from above 90 percent 30 years ago to below 40 percent today, more than one million American babies still undergo the surgery every year to the tune of one billion dollars in health-care spending.

Now, based on studies conducted among adults in sub-Saharan Africa that found reduced transmission of HIV from women to men (though not from men to women, nor men to men), some are suggesting that the AAP should recommend circumcision for all newborn males in the United States.

Doctors have a responsibility to tell parents the truth: circumcision does not prevent disease. Most European nations, with circumcision rates near zero, have lower HIV/AIDS rates than the United States. Circumcision rates in America do not correlate with HIV rates in any ethnic population or geographical region.

Furthermore, circumcision has significant risks, including infection, bleeding, impairment of sexual function, and even death. Earlier this year, an Atlanta family was awarded $2.3 million because a physician accidentally amputated much of a baby’s penis during a “routine” hospital circumcision. A Canadian baby bled to death in 2004, after being circumcised in a British Columbia hospital. In 2008, a baby from South Dakota bled to death, and his parents have filed suit against the hospital where he was circumcised, as well as the doctor who performed the surgery.

Infrequent though complications may be, because the surgery is performed on healthy babies who have no need for it, each injury and each death is utterly indefensible. And even an “uncomplicated” infant circumcision permanently removes healthy functional tissue from a person who did not consent to it.

Growing numbers of medical professionals and expectant parents are saying “No” to infant circumcision. I urge the AAP’s committee charged with reviewing circumcision policy, as well as all pediatricians, to make the same decision on behalf of the babies who are their patients.

Thank you for your time and attention to this serious matter.

Sincerely, Moms and Dads ,Brothers, & Sisters, all Loved ones of the all the Males of the world!!
Parents should be made aware of the problems that might possibly happen. I’ve never heard of this problems until now. Maybe if properly cared for, an uncircumsized boy/man would be ok. I’ve got family who are fine from what I know but it’d not a big discussion. When they are small, you don’t know!! Imagine doing this to your son only to leave him with this damage when their bodt was ok to begin with. You just maybe want to follow the crowd or maybe for religion. I just don’t thing we’ll “burn” for not getting this done. I do know a grown man who had it done and he woke up in agony. He was sewn wrong or something. Ended up with a big blood clot at the tip. Very large and it was bleeding. He ended up getting a transfusion, nearly dying. Although, a family member wasn’t careful and zipped himself up in his jeans at around 13-14 so he ended up getting a circumcision. He had a horrible time! I’m not sure how it is now since that’s all the information I need. I know I’ve zipped my own skin up on my jeans and had to either unzip or pull my selly from it.. I wouldn’t even want to imagine that skin!! (He must’a had some speedos on!!~GARRODDY! YOUCHERSS!~ There’s pros/cons but I’ve seen more bad after the pictures and my husband, I believe, things are just better. After the pictures, I just know I’ll be sharing this BIG problem a whole lot! Woman want to fight, Our body, our choice? Well, it’s their body. Shouldn’t it be their choice. After seeing all the disturbing images I’ve seen, I’m very happy I didn’t even have a boy. People do it for appearance many times but it comes with the foreskin skin for a reason. Why not leave it for him to decide?? So sad! Circumcisions,Episiotomys,etc-although I don’t agree with the episiotomy part due 2 my own personal BAD experience… LLL Circumcision Affects Facebook Page, lots of Links 2 the photos!! please, if you’re about 2 have a baby boy, Check this OUT!

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